Statement to all EEO Professionals from Wanda M. Johnson President/CEO, PREEMPT, Inc., in Reference to Our Increased Responsibility in Light of Recent Racially Charged Events!

Unless you have been living on Mars during the past few turbulent weeks, you’ve heard everyone talking about the recent racially charged events pertaining to the deaths of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor and Ahmaud Arbery.

While the Criminal Justice system and many others are working very hard to make sure that the wheels of justice are very well oiled and working properly, we are moving forward with our expanded role and responsibility as EEO Professionals to ensure that we are part of the solution of eradicating persistent racism and ensuring due process for all.

We will accomplish this audacious goal by educating and training everyone about our historical civil rights profession, supporting the EEOC as they continue to enforce the nations employment discrimination laws, empowering entrepreneurs to create businesses in our communities and speaking truth to power through our Biz of EEO Podcast.

As a matter of fact, here at PREEMPT, we have decided to change the acronym of “Equal Employment Opportunity for all” to “Ensuring Equal Opportunity for all TM”. We hope you will join us in challenging yourselves to step up and rise to the occasion in helping to eradicate the world of racism thereby ensuring equal opportunity and justice for all; it’s Our Time to Shine!!!!!