How Do You Feel About the New GapKids Ad?

If you’ve been following diversity news recently, you may have heard about the controversial new ad for Ellen DeGeneres’ GapKids x ED collaboration. The ad features four young girls modeling GapKids’ clothes, but what has people up in arms is the way the models are posed.  Many people are reacting to the way one of the older girls has her arm propped up on the black girl’s head in the photo.

Read more about the ad here and see what users on Twitter have to say about the photo.

UPDATE: As of April 7th, GapKids pulled the controversial ad after critics said the ad sent a message of  “passive racism.” Gap also publicly apologized to critics on Monday. Read the full article here.

What do you think? Does the ad convey a negative message or is it just a harmless photo? Weigh in in our poll below!

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