Top Five Mistakes Government Management Officials Make When Dealing with EEO Complaints and How They Can Avoid Them!

We find that government management officials make these five mistakes when dealing with EEO complaints. Here are the mistakes and how you can avoid them.

Mistake #1 – Rejecting the Claim

Avoiding Mistake #1 – The claim identifies an issue in the workplace that should be addressed. Looking at the issue from the employee’s perspective may help you to find a resolution.

Mistake #2 – Resistance to Change

 Avoiding Mistake #2 – Be open to modifications in the workplace. Consider the issue(s) raised as an opportunity to initiate improvements that will further the agency’s mission as well as enhance the work environment.

Mistake #3 – Rushing through the Process

Avoiding Mistake #3 – Review the claim carefully and seize the opportunity to address a problem. Take the time to consider the facts surrounding the claim and any actions you can take toward a positive resolution.

Mistake #4 – Failure to Document

Avoiding Mistake #4 – Be sure the actions you take and the decisions you make are recorded and in conformance with appropriate workplace practices.

Mistake #5 – Appearance of Retaliation

Avoiding Mistake #5 – Avoid actions that may single out an employee involved in the complaint process. Be alert to how the decisions you make could be interpreted as biased or negatively impacting a certain employee or employee group.

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