Women’s March on Washington 2017 – A Spectacular Moment Worldwide!

by Dorian Morley | Senior EEO Programs Consultant, PREEMPT CORP

Our team member, Dorian was so grateful to have been part of Saturday’s extraordinary Women’s March on Washington that was a spectacular moment worldwide in which many people participated! Millions marched worldwide for human rights and freedom for all.  They marched in support of reproductive rights, for people with disabilities, for Black Lives Matter and Native Americans, etc.  Marchers held signs opposing misogyny, racism, homophobia, xenophobia, threats to immigrants, Muslims, and to the environment.  The overriding message was one of love and acceptance.

According to Dorian, the marchers’ faces showed determination, strength and hope and everyone was so kind.  The feeling of sisterhood and brotherhood was contagious and the March was so peaceful that Dr. King would have been proud.  Folks of all ages, including lots of men and families were marching.  There were young and old in wheelchairs, babies in strollers, children on their mom’s and dad’s shoulders, and tens of thousands of women, men and children in pink hats.

Many have stated that the Women’s March in DC was 2-3 times larger than the inauguration; that there were marches in every state; and that approximately 1 in 100 Americans took part in one of those marches.  Gloria Steinem, who was at the DC March said that she has never seen anything of this magnitude in her very long life.

Dorian felt that it was a sincere privilege to be part of this historic event and to be part of a movement that must endure.   On behalf of Dorian and the PREEMPT Team, We Stand United Together with the Women’s March and its supporters and will continue to Fight for Justice and “Empowerment through Equal Opportunity” for All!

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