Some of our Customers include Government Agencies, Federal Service Contractors and Universities:


Customer Results

U.S. Department Of Homeland Security, Transportation Security Administration/Accenture, LLP

Provided human resource management support to Accenture/Transportation Safety Administration in the areas of Federal, HRIS-NFC payroll systems including data storage/collection/retrieval, benefits administration, benefits service center coordination, benefits caseworkers, benefits processing, general clerical, customer service, CPMIS data entry, administrative services, payroll clean-up and other related services as needed.

Provided core HR services to more than 55,000 employees of the U.S. Transportation Security Administration (TSA) at 450+ airports across the United States and its territories.

Responsible for recruiting, workforce management, benefits processing/administration in accordance with NFC, payroll maintenance, HRIS and other human resources support services as needed. All services were provided in accordance with Federal personnel regulations such as OPM and TSA guidelines. Responsible for resolving personnel discrepancies on behalf of TSA employees utilizing various Federal systems such as Siebel, CPMIS, NFC and various Federal payroll and human resources systems.

Completed a payroll maintenance project where we were responsible for cleaning up TSA personnel records that had contained incomplete files or missing information. In addition, PREEMPT’s corporate office conducted recruiting services for personnel to work on the Accenture contract as well as other customer locations.

Applied OPM/TSA guidelines and regulations pertaining to work performed under the contract. Supported TSA personnel with personnel records and benefits information. In terms of work performance, staff was required to meet daily objectives and various performance metrics in reference to completing their daily work assignments. Whenever they accomplished their goals they were rewarded with certificates and other rewards.

Worked during the weekends in order to accomplish various reporting needs such as conducting data validation of online system against data in data warehouse, developed presentation ready reports and dashboards using business objects, etc. In the event, problems had been encountered, our staff person continued working on the project until it had been successfully completed.

U.S. Customs and Border Protection

Provided EEO support services including preparing policies and procedures and evaluating and reviewing processes, etc., in support of the agency’s EEO program.

Performed research and analyzed complex documents for the development of policy and procedural requirements for the process of filing and processing equal opportunity complaints and standardizing equal Employment Programs to ensure fair and equal treatment of all CBP employees.

Determined the usefulness and applicability of Code of Federal Regulations, Executive Orders, Management Directives and United States Code. Coordinated with CBP Employees to determine the value of information and how to make it applicable to different parts of the Country where CBP personnel performed duties at different levels. The strategic plan included ways to link the information and process of implementation to the key objective of the overall planning process. Also, coordinated administrative support for document control, version control, and electronic distribution and staffing.

E.R. Williams, Inc.

Provided human resource solutions/support to E.R. Williams Inc., a Federal contractor that provides Federal benefit management services to U.S. Department of Defense, TRICARE Military Health System. Services provided covered ER Williams employees located in the Metropolitan Washington DC area and included: recruiting, hiring/terminating, workforce management, FLSA classifications, benefits processing/administration, performance management, on-boarding and employee relations.

Responsible for the implementation of a tactical and strategic HR function that allowed ER Williams to grow from 40 to 80 FTE within the last 18 months. Designed and implemented benefits and training programs that allowed ERW to remain competitive and meet market demands in a crowded and competitive market. Also, assisted with developing HR programs that simplified the recruiting of qualified staff for hard-to-find staff.