Top 10 Questions About the
Federal EEO-HR Industry

A: The Biz of EEO-HR is part of PREEMPT, Inc., that helps people who are interested in working as Independent Contractors, Employees, or Federal Contractor-Business Owners in the Federal EEO-HR industry. We provide EEO-HR support services to Federal, State and Local government and other business sectors as well.

Most of our work involves civil rights laws that prohibit discrimination in employment based on an individual’s race, sex, color, age, disability, national origin, retaliation, genetic information, and/or retaliation. In addition, EEO professionals provide services for non-EEO matters such as hostile work environment investigations, focus group surveys, management inquiries, etc.

A: While you do not need an EEO Certification to work in other areas of our industry, you do need an EEO Certification to work as an EEO Investigator or Counselor. In order to conduct Federal EEO counselings/investigations, you must become certified by completing a 32-hour Federal EEO Investigator or Counselor Certification course that complies with EEOC Management Directive 110.

Also, you must complete a yearly 8-hour Refresher Training course to maintain your certification. We offer 32-hour Counselor and 32-hour Investigator certification training courses along with a selection of 8-hour Refresher training courses for Counselors/Investigators. Payment plans are available too.