PREEMPT Consultant Janice Wilson belongs to an organization called Tri-County Youth Services and PREEMPT is proud to contribute to this organization financially and be a sponsor of their upcoming gala.

Tri-County Youth Services does phenomenal work with young people. They have a 97% success rate with young people who have had missteps and want to become productive members of society. As with many non-profits, they struggle to provide the necessary programs and services required to support parents and their children. PREEMPT Consultant Janice Wilson spends a lot of time volunteering her services to this organization by speaking with the young people coming there by offering training classes in Basic and Workplace Etiquette, Choosing Civility, Interviewing Skills, and sharing her work experience with them to help them acquire employment.

If you would like to make a donation, visit their website. Any donations will be used for the gala, food, venue, music, door prizes, and other expenses.