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  • Learn how to successfully represent Yourself when pursuing Federal EEO Discrimination Complaints!

  • Employers–Learn how to successfully PREEMPT Federal Discrimination Complaints!

  • Learn more about the Federal EEO Discrimination Industry including Federal EEO Entrepreneurship!

  • Be Your Own Boss!

  • Successfully Grow Your Own Federal EEO Business!

  • Become a Successful Independent Entrepreneur (Independent Contractor)!

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“The Instructors are very knowledgeable!”

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“I really enjoyed the open discussion during the webinar!”

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“I thought the updates regarding MD110 were very informative!”

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“Great Training!”

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"Excellent and knowledgeable instructors….will be able to use information learned in my business."

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Grow Into A Successful Entrepreneur With EEO Investigator/Counselor Certification Online

At PREEMPT, we offer top-class training sessions for all EEO entrepreneurs and professionals. Here you’ll learn how to get a firm understanding about the Federal EEO Discrimination Industry as well as Federal EEO Entrepreneurship.

Whether you’re looking for EEO investigator/counselor training, Refresher training, EEO business training programs, or more, you’ll find it here at PREEMPT!