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  • Learn how to successfully represent Yourself when pursuing Federal EEO Discrimination Complaints!

  • Employers–Learn how to successfully PREEMPT Federal Discrimination Complaints!

  • Learn more about the Federal EEO Discrimination Industry including Federal EEO Entrepreneurship!

  • Be Your Own Boss!

  • Successfully Grow Your Own Federal EEO Business!

  • Become a Successful Independent Entrepreneur (Independent Contractor)!

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“I really enjoyed the open discussion during the webinar!”

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“I thought the updates regarding MD110 were very informative!”

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“Great Training!”

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Special Promotion

Currently, we are offering our first of its kind 32 Hour Federal EEO Investigator Certification Program & Business Toolkit for Professionals at the promotional rate of $750.00 per person (other comparable courses can cost up to $1,000.00+).

Our extensive 32-Hour Federal EEO Investigator Certification Program & Business Toolkit for Professionals is loaded with important information that you will need to become a successful EEO Entrepreneur!

In order to excel in the competitive Federal EEO industry you will need more than just an EEO certification and that is exactly what we provide. Unlike our competitors, our program contains the following:

Part I-Overview of Federal EEOC MD 110 legal foundation, consisting of discrimination theories, harassment, the federal process, etc.

Part II-Case Study Assignment consisting of a Mock Investigation that you will be required to complete on your own. Upon completion of the Mock Investigation, you will be provided a complimentary coaching session along with the Model Investigation documents and your 32 Hour Certificate.

****BONUS–Business Toolkit (a) consists of “The Professionals Guide to Winning and Keeping Federal EEO Contracts”. This is a must have for anyone looking to enter into the lucrative billion dollar a year federal contracting industry.  So, whether you are an independent entrepreneur, lawyer, HR/EEO professional, employee, etc., “The Professional Guide to Winning & Keeping Federal EEO Contracts” is for you!

Business Toolkit (b) consists of information on Important updates to EEOC MD 110. EEOC’s first revision since 1999, contains new developments in EEO case law, changes to 29 CFR Part 1614, EEOC policies, procedures and guidance. Required important information for anyone looking to maintain their professional expertise and avoiding professional liability!

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32 Hour Federal EEO Investigator Certification Program & Business Toolkit for Professionals: Exceeds Federal EEOC Management Directive 110 requirements and much, much, more! | Cost: $750.00