Brenda Curry | Senior Entrepreneur Consultant

Brenda Curry serves as PREEMPT’s Senior Entrepreneur Consultant and has more than 20 years of industry experience. Brenda has been employed previously by General Motors Corporation in various areas of Human Capital and also during this period Brenda has been trained on various professional training and communication techniques.

While employed at General Motors, Brenda has successfully managed major projects, including developing and managing a multi-million-dollar training grant program and serving as the Assistant Manager–Corporate Communications for the Vice President of HR.

In addition to working with PREEMPT as a Consultant, Brenda provides strategic Human Management leadership to other small businesses and organizations. Brenda is a Certified Trainer and Myers Briggs Instructor and attended Michigan State University, working toward a B.A. Degree in Education. In her spare time, Brenda serves as tutor for Elementary school children in the local area.