Gigi Spearman, Honorary Member | VP Operations

Gigi Spearman, Honorary Member, serves as PREEMPT’s VP of Operations and is a retired Lieutenant Colonel in the U.S. Army, as well as a proven leader with dynamic leadership skills and key management level experience. Ms. Spearman is responsible for implementing Quality standards and processes for PREEMPT, a diversity consultant, and its customers using the Malcolm Baldrige quality standards model and has extensive experience in the areas of management consulting, leadership development, quality systems management, team building, etc.

During her tenure with the Army, Ms. Spearman served as a key advisor to the Chief, National Guard Bureau and other senior leaders of the National Guard, Department of Defense and Assistant Secretary of Defense to help identify and remove system barriers and structured successful corrective actions that ensured all members were afforded equal access to opportunities within the organization.

In addition, Ms. Spearman improved the quality of implementation of Federal Equal Employment functions impacting National Guard Civilian employees as well as Federal Affirmative Employment Programs for minorities and women, Federal Affirmative Action Program Plans for Discrimination Complaints Processing Systems, Federal Equal Opportunity Program Requirements, designed intricate analysis tools for comparison of required data for the sexual harassment prevention programs and special emphasis programs.

Ms. Spearman served as a key committee member on the Department of Defense joint staff with each branch of service sharing valuable information to facilitate progress for each service, represented the Chief of the National Guard Bureau at national level conventions and senior level advisor to Army and Air General Officers, and mediated various disputes with a 100 percent mediation success rate.

Finally, Ms. Spearman, designed and implemented a business process improvement plan for the National Guard Bureau using Six Sigma principles resulting in a significant rate of acceptance increase and improved meeting timelines to 98 percent. Also, while working at the National Guard, Ms. Spearman assessed, designed and developed equal opportunity training needs for over 350,000 National Guard personnel across 54 states and territories and designed and implemented Alternative Dispute Resolutions Programs. Ms. Spearman holds an M.S. Degree in Quality Systems Management, National Graduate School and a B.S. Degree in Business Management, National Louis University. In her spare time, Ms. Spearman serves as a Real Estate Broker.