Senior Equality Advisor

M. Janice Wilson is a Senior Equality Advisor with more than 25 years of progressively responsible experience as an Equality and Diversity & Inclusion Advisor. Also, Janice is a former Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) employee and has extensive experience in the EEO/Diversity & Inclusion industries and has addressed, trained, and consulted with various groups, teachers and professionals.

Janice’s expertise includes providing training in the areas of EEO, multicultural & diversity, race, prevention of harassment, human relations, team building, management, and leadership. In addition, Janice has chaired the CIA’s Diversity Council where she experienced first-hand the challenges faced by special interest groups. She was responsible for leading Focus groups to ascertain not only the challenges in upward mobility for these groups but solicited solutions to address the inequities. Also, Janice has consulted with senior level managers and provided them with recommendations on how to manage diversity challenges.

While employed with the Federal Government, Janice’s responsibilities included managing and leading a Diversity Best Management Practices program for over 5,000 employees. In this capacity, she worked with directorate level managers providing consulting services in the areas of diversity and human relations.

More recently, Janice delivered several Equity training seminars to Building Service and Food Service workers in the Charles County public school system