Salli Phillips | Senior EEO Technical Consultant

Salli Phillips is a Senior EEO Technical Consultant who provides EEO consulting services to PREEMPT. Salli currently assists PREEMPT with Management oversight and providing EEO Consulting to Federal government customers. In addition, Salli has extensive experience in EEO program development, implementation and management, disability related issues and affirmative employment, along with outreach, recruitment, mentoring and special programs.

While employed with U.S. Department of Homeland Security, Salli prepared affirmative employment plans and updates which included analysis as required in EEOC/MD-715, identifying trends, institutional barriers to EEO, data analysis, compilation of data and identification of goals and objectives. As an effective tool in identifying barriers and developing goals and objectives for the elimination of barriers, Salli conducted Focus Group sessions and served as a Facilitator of those groups. She was instrumental in preparing discussion guides and writing final reports. Salli also developed Focus Groups for the Houston Federal Executive Board with were comprised of employees from several different agencies within in the Houston/Galveston, Texas area. The information gathered from the Focus Groups was shared with Agency Heads from several of the local governmental agencies.

Additionally, Salli provided technical guidance and advice to Field Directors, Port Directors and Chiefs and Supervisors on EEO related issues including implementation of EEO laws, prevention of harassment, and/or sexual harassment, reasonable accommodation, religious accommodation and resolution of disputes before they entered the EEO arena. Salli has conducted workforce analysis to identify systemic or disparate treatment discrimination and has prepared analytical information by age, race, sex, grade and disability for inclusion in affirmative employment plans. Also, Salli has also instructed EEO managers on how to prepare affirmative employment plans.

While working at the U.S. Department of Treasury, Salli served a subject matter expert responsible for the management of Special Emphasis Programs. She wrote affirmative employment plans and served as an EEO Counselor for high level management officials entering into the complaint process.

Salli attended Galveston College in Galveston, Texas and Davenport College in Grand Rapids, Michigan.