Employee training is an important investment for your company. Here are our tips on how to train your employees and make the most of employee training.

The best advice for any trainer: know your topic! A solid training session starts with a prepared trainer. The session’s goals should be clear in your preparation and delivery. It never hurts to put yourself in the trainees’ shoes and approach training from where they sit. The best way to learn how to train your employees is to put yourself in their shoes.

Don’t forget the introduction. As a trainer, introduce yourself and your position within the organization. Give a brief background on your familiarity with the topic you plan to cover. Describe the session dynamics like start and finish times, breaks, tests and feedback.

Make it interactive. If your topic allows, provide a hands-on experience for trainees to grasp concepts from a personal approach, or better yet, from a group perspective. Encourage participation during the training session; this will open communication and discussions among attendees, potentially resulting in new ideas.

It’s all about the information. Provide clear and concise information when presenting your topic. Does your information warrant a document as a future resource? If so, provide trainees access to the documentation, preferable an electronic version to lessen the paper trail. If handouts are applicable, print enough copies to distribute before class begins. End the session with a five q