Top 5 Mistakes Complainants Make When Filing Complaints Against the U.S. Government and How They Can Avoid Them!

We often see complainants making the same 5 mistakes when filing complaints against the federal government. Below, we outline the complaints and show you how to avoid them!

Mistake # 1 – Lack of Understanding of the Federal Government EEO process

Avoid Mistake #1 – Learn the steps of the formal complaints process so you will learn how your claim will be processed and how the facts of your case will be analyzed by the Agency.

Mistake # 2 – Stating an Imprecise Claim

Avoid Mistake #2 – Be specific and timely in identifying the issue(s) of your complaint. Be sure to include the dates of the events at issue and meet the regulatory timeframe requirements of the EEO complaints process.

Mistake #3 – No Documentation

Avoid Mistake #3 – Gather and present evidence to substantiate your claim. Keep a record of the events at issue that includes an explanation of what happened, when it happened, who was involved, and the names of any witnesses.

Mistake #4 – Not Connecting your Claim to your Protected Status

Avoid Mistake #4 – Show how your protected status (race, sex, age, etc.) impacted the action at issue. You need to show that connection to prove your claim.

Mistake #5 – Focusing on a Specific Resolution

Avoid Mistake #5 – Be open to options for resolving your claim. During the process you may learn new facts and/or circumstances that have an impact on your claim.

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