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How to Motivate Your Employees

It’s a challenge to find good employees and even harder to keep them. Motivating them can be as easy as saying “hello” and taking the time to chat. Create an environment that makes them look forward to coming to work. It’s important to get to know what’s valuable to each employee and a “don’t take a one size fits all’ approach to motivation and recognition, make it personal. Check out our top tips to motivate your employees.

  1. Listen and Empower. The best way to learn more about your employees is to listen to what they have to say. If they bring a new idea or solution to you, take the time to hear them out. Give them your undivided face-to-face attention. As they share, remember this is a sign they care about their job and the firm’s success. If the idea or solution is sound, grant them the autonomy to ‘run with it’, as a motivational gesture. Empower employees to be part of the big picture.
  2. Lead By Example. Be the example you want your employees to follow. Earn their respect and motivate at the same time; jump in when things get backed up and work along side your staff. Set clear expectations and don’t expect your employees to do something you wouldn’t do. As a leader, establish and convey individual goals for staff and a clear mission for the company. Communicate regularly with employees and get to know what makes them tick.
  3. Reward and Recognize. Keep in mind, different things motivate different people. Where one employee may appreciate a cash bonus another may prefer paid time off and another may simply what recognition of an accomplishment. To find balance, use the performance review process to hone in on what is important to the employee. Recognize employees for a job well done, but don’t create a culture that rewards for simply doing the job or meeting the expectation. Nurture an environment where staff would like to give 110% and exceed expectations and when they do, reward and recognize.
  4. Encourage a Career Path. Employees love to feel a sense of security if they can grow or advance in the company. Through cross-training, you can build a solid workforce, giving staff an opportunity to grow and advance within the company.   As employees learn new skills they are motivated to more productive with the hopes of advancement.
  5. Foster Flexibility. On average, full-time employees work 46.7 hours a week and during that time, life continues to happen! It’s almost impossible to manage appointments, school events, shopping, and family time without a little flexibility from the boss. Allow flexibility as a motivator; it gives employees peace of mind and they won’t feel stressed if one of life’s events pops up unexpectedly and they need to rearrange their work schedule to accommodate.

Employees tend to feel loyalty to a company when they feel respected and motivated. This loyalty increases employee participation and therefore increases productivity. As a result, this helps to build a rapport with the staff as well as your local community, helping the company to attract a proficient workforce. To learn more about keeping your staff positively motivated, contact us.

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