SAN FRANCISCO – Acting Secretary of Labor Julie Su today joined Secretary of State Antony J. Blinken and U.S. Trade Representative Katherine Tai in San Francisco at the launch of the Presidential Memorandum on Advancing Worker Empowerment, Rights, and High Labor Standards Globally. Below are Acting Secretary Su’s remarks, as delivered:“Alright, now I have to do what Kelly said, which is bring it home, right here at home.“But thank you so much for that, Katherine. I am so grateful for your leadership and your partnership. And under your leadership, the United States is writing a new story about trade and making clear that labor rights are not an obstacle to trade policy; it’s really a cornerstone of it. And there is no one better to lead us and make that real than you. So, thank you very, very much.“And I also want to, of course, thank Secretary Blinken for what everyone has already said but also for his deep dedication to lifting up workers and workers’ rights and workers’ voices all around the world. “And I want to recognize our Speaker Emerita – our Speaker – Nancy Pelosi who…[Applause]“I know, you can’t say her name without getting that kind of reaction.“But I also want to say, as a woman leader, as a fierce defender of workers’ rights, as somebody who – you know, it’s about knowing your power, but also